I haven’t been on in a thousand years and there are still people rising from the abyss to follow me/like stuff 

Where did you people come from omg I like died?? 

Anonymous asked: "Okay, so i really wanna know where the 'No petrol required' thing comes from. Please tell me, it's been driving me crazy for ages!"

Wow I never saw this 

This is like a dinosaur bone by now omg 

Michael said once that Gavin sets his heart aflame, “no petrol required” <3


Attention WCRPG Players!

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For those who don’t know WCRPG (…


holy shit

olivia’s writing fanfic for upj

feels like old times around here

what next, is pet gonna throw some fic at us too?


/rises from the dead making hissy zombie noises/ 


things i ask myself: why is ray on the floor (again)?



Dean Winchester Meme | Hair Porn

sorry but you’re missing the most important one


michael and gavin on an ac date

butt fruits


flickin’ the bean

Hiatus Notice

Pet will be in the UK for three weeks! And wifi access will be limited, so expect me to basically die for the next month or so.




another fem!mavin au

rachel (fem!ray) manages to convince michelle (fem!michael) in going to a party with her, and there they meet gabrielle (fem!gavin) in which michelle is instantly attracted to the moment rachel points her out